In all different sizes

We print and apply shrink sleeves on all different size cans

We stock cans in all shapes and sizes in our plant in Burr Ridge, Illinois. We know cans can be hard to come by but we have them in stock in the following sizes: crowlers, 19.2 ounce cans 12 oz cans 16 oz cans and slim cans and stubby cans.

Stocking cans for our shrink sleeve customers helps to get products to market faster without worrying about delays from can producers. Our team will guide you through the shrink sleeve process making your products stand out on the shelf. From concept to printing to application and shipping we are here to support you. Check out our project library for some of our shrink sleeve projects. 

Cans in all spaces and sizes are used for so many different types of products. In most of our shrink sleeve projects, the sleeve label is applied to empty cans in our plant located outside of Chicago. For some of our customers, we have applied the shrink labels on filled and sealed cans. Pressure-sensitive labels are shipped to the customers directly after printing.

Some of our can projects include:

Wine in cans

Beer in cans

Water in cans

Coffee in cans

Tea in cans

Cigars in cans

Snack mix in cans

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