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Usually we talk about labels, but today the golfers in the office share their personal rules of golf. When weare not talking golf we specialize in designing, printing, and applying shrink sleeve labels in our plant in Burr Ridge, Illinois. Pressure sensitive labels are also part of our labeling solutions for cans, bottles, and containers of all sizes.

The Official R&A Site:

The USGA Version

Additions to the Decisions on the Rules of Golf

The 60 Degree Rule 

  • This is always in effect.  No golf shall be played if the weather is less than 60 degrees at the start of the round.  
  • Exceptions to the 60 degree rules are as follows:
  • You are playing a top 100 course, on the road.
  • You are traveling internationally and or on a specific golf only trip.
  • Local and traveling road trips permit the lifting of the 60 degree rule.
    • In extreme situations, 55 and sunny will be permitted as long as the average temperature during the round is over 60 degrees.

The Leaf Rule

The leaf rule is in effect as the summer turns to fall and must be declared before the first ball is put in play.

  • If a player declares the leaf rule, his opponent will approve the drop, without penalty.
  • The player who declares the leaf rule is in effect will forfeit the low ball as well as any skin possibility within the betting games.


Prox, for betting purposes, is defined by a player’s ball resting on the putting surface in regulation and is closer to the hole than any of his opponents. 

  • If by chance, the player reaches the putting surface in less than is defined as regulation, he has earned the prox rights as he is on the surface in the lowest number of strokes.
  • If by chance his ensuing putt comes to rest at a distance outside his opponent’s ball in regulation, he still has prox.
  • A 3-putt does not negate prox.
  • A putt, struck off the putting surface does not negate prox.

Shots within the game

Natural birdie trumps a net birdie, all day, every day without exceptions.

Mulligans et all

Mulligans in any way, shape, or form must be declared upon the 1st tee

  • A Breakfast Ball is permitted when declared.

The group may require if a breakfast ball is taken that said ball must be played.

Provisional Mulligans:

It is assumed that the provisional mulligan option is in play anytime a mulligan option has been exercised.  

Games of Chance Defined

The Base Line Rules of a Scotch Game


  • Prox == 1 point
  • Birdie – 1 point
  • Low Ball == 2 points
  • Low Total == 2 points

An umbrella netting all points, therefore doubling the standing bet.

  • The teeing ground always goes to the team that is ahead in the match
  • The losing team may press the bet, but this comes off after the 9th hole.
  • No press can be accepted once both members of the pressing team is off the teeing area.
  • Roll/Re-Roll
  • The team behind may roll the bet for a temporary 1-hole press.
  • This then activates the re-roll option by the team that is ahead. 
  • Amendments:
  • The double prox for a high-stake game means both partners must have prox for the prox point.
  • A provisional press/roll is allowed when improper signaling from the caddies impact the decision-making.

The 9-Point Game

Traditional Scoring for 3 players

5 points for 1st place / 3 points for 2nd place / 1 point for 3rd place

Ties score as 3 / 3 / 3 points each

Amendment A) In the event of a tie, the points may roll over to the following hole.

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