Keg Collars

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Keg Collars

We print two types of keg collars to fit your budget and specific needs. We offer pressure-sensitive keg collars and we print keg collars on eleven-point tag paper.

We specialize in designing, printing, and applying shrink sleeve labels in our plant in Burr Ridge, Illinois. Pressure-sensitive labels are also part of our labeling solutions for cans, bottles, and containers of all sizes.

Keg Collars are not easy to print but after great trials, we have mastered the printing of custom keg collars. We can print two different types of keg collars one is pressure-sensitive, and the other is printed on heavy paper stock. When you are ready to move to cans or bottles we can help you with your packaging.

At Augusta Label and Packaging we focus on shrink sleeve label projects for cans, bottles, and containers in all shapes and sizes. Taking you from concept to finished project we will guide you through each step from designing to shipping your product. Custom shrink sleeves will make your product stand out on the shelf. Our website showcases many projects including examples of pet products, spices, beverages, healthcare, and much more. Call today to learn more at 630-537-1961

In addition, we also design and print pressure-sensitive labels for all different types of pro

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