Cardboard Can Carrier

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Revolutionary cardboard can carrier

The WaveGrip Cardboard Can Carrier is a popular choice for those seeking to meet growing consumer demands for more environmentally friendly packaging while maintaining cost effectiveness and improving production efficiencies.

Helping customers meet and exceed their sustainability goals, each carrier weighs under 8 grams for a standard six-pack and is recyclable and biodegradable. Despite its light weight, it is strong and easy to use, while delivering excellent pack retention. With manual and automatic application equipment, the Cardboard Can Carrier features a unique design that means it does not require folding or manipulation during application. This allows continuous running at high speeds, meeting both the performance and production needs of your canning line.

The white fully coated topside offers high-quality printability in up to 10 colors, allowing brand messages and promotions to be easily included for enhanced shelf impact and direct communication with customers.

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